Discover our new MEET cabins! A new way to enjoy privacy!

As we know, the pandemic transformed the way we do things. This has impacted work and educational dynamics, and has led to the transformation of spaces through furniture, architecture, and interior design, becoming more flexible and adaptable. Now, environments must have the same privacy that is found at home, where users can fully concentrate on tasks, without the noise or interruptions from outside.

That's why Solinoff has designed and manufactured a product that reduces distractions and noise, promoting productivity and user comfort. With our MEET cabins, people will find privacy where they least expect it, to finish an idea, make a call, or connect to a meeting. MEET is a 100% Colombian-made product and is the first mobile cabin in the country.

Meet, a versatile solution for any environment

For your office

Users demand environments where they can avoid distractions when they need to create or finish an idea. Cabins are an element that combines the desire to learn, concentrate, and innovate.

For your university or school

MEET offers students a more dynamic and flexible space, where they can enjoy an environment equipped for completing tasks, reading, or researching.

When you go on a trip

MEET is the best option to transform a lobby, provide a better guest experience, and offer a private place to make calls, charge your phone, or use your laptop.

In clinics or hospitals

With MEET, it will be possible to create spaces where patients and caregivers can connect with each other. In addition, it is a functional product for waiting rooms; its privacy allows families to connect and continue with their routines. MEET invites you to change spaces, seek comfort, and avoid distractions. With MEET, we make things happen!

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