Solinoff Corporation S.A, is a Colombian company specialized in design of workspaces and manufacture of furniture made to measure, for which it has developed integral projects in different business sectors. Its main strength has been innovation in the design of spaces and ergonomic products that have allowed it to position itself as a leading brand in the local market.

Over the years, Solinoff has been complementing its portfolio of products and services, thanks to the joint work of the internal multidisciplinary teams in-house it has; This has allowed Solinoff to provide a comprehensive and unique service to its customers, in terms of interior design, architecture and furniture manufacturing. As part of its promise of value, the company has developed a culture based on organization in customer service, immediate support and guarantees backed by globally recognized brands.

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The corporate sector is one of our strongest clients. We offer products of different kinds that meet all your requirements and harmonize the space by converting the places into ideal work spaces. Quality, elegance, design and creativity make office spaces more productive places. Large companies require spaces in which people benefit and generate value within companies.


The institutional sector grows exponentially in the country and Solinoff strengthens this development with products developed to the measure of universities, schools, and other learning centers that require functional spaces, full of design and color. Our design concepts make learning spaces unique, promoting learning and improving the quality of life of students and teachers.


In health ecosystems there are spaces designed exclusively for patients and families, in which Solinoff focuses all its attention on the human needs of a health environment. The care, comfort and safety of the patient are aspects that are considered to improve the experience within these spaces.


The creation of spaces in the public sector focuses on the institutions, the services offered and the people who attend these spaces. It is essential to think about the correlation between these to generate an optimal, functional and efficient environment. Solinoff has the experience and knowledge to implement environments that make the most of each space.


The financial sector is an ecosystem that is in constant movement, fluxes and varying work rhythms, in which the balance between them is vital for the development of a prosperous work environment, both for employees and for the companies. Solinoff knows and understands these dynamics and proposes solutions that are specially adapted to each case.


Solinoff, aware of the importance of research and development, has specialized in the design and technical specification of laboratories, based on the needs of each research area. We have strong strategic allies to meet the needs of our customers against the development and implementation of any possible laboratory.